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Susan G. Komen Michigan Internship

During my last semester at GVSU, I had the privilege of being a marketing intern for Susan G. Komen of Michigan. Here we focused on breast cancer awareness and providing materials to men and women to catch it at an early stage.

Like many businesses, Cold Stone set a date and time where they donated proceeds to Komen Michigan; below there is a flyer and social media post to advertise the event.

Cold Stone Social Media

Cold Stone Flyer

This is a full page magazine advertisement for Women’s Health for the Mid-Michigan Ride for the Cure.

2017 MidMI Ride Ad Final

Many other businesses allow customers to donate to Susan G. Komen Michigan; this is an example of what the flyers looked like for Pie Day.

Pie Day Donation Flyer


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Brand Yourself…Again

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about which described how the website helps to improve your online image and makes it easier for people to find you. In my Brand Yourself blog, I showed and explained my low grade and hoped to see an improvement in a few weeks. Well, the time has come and I can’t say I have seen a ton of improvement. Although I have boosted each of my websites, the search results are pretty much the same.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 2.29.53 PM
Grade as of March 25, 2015.

Interestingly, the website format has altered slightly and the report card grade looks a little different than it did previously.Unfortunately, I have still received an F because of my name also resemble the town of Madison, GA. However, I did receive a notification about a potentially damaging result which turned out to be a list of mugshots of the town of Georgia. Luckily, the result has nothing to do to me and I can really improve my results as I continue to visit my profile and boost my websites. is a great website that offers many people an advantage on getting ahead and being recognized in the chaos of the world wide web.


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Student to Professional

IMG_4269I have stated before how important networking is to all career fields in the future. On March 20th I attended a conference held by the Career Center at Grand Valley which helped to prepare us students to become professionals in our career after we graduate. When I first arrived, speaker Kim Bode was giving a presentation on how to build your personal brand in addition to attract a following online and in person. Bode is the founder of 834 Design and Marketing in Grand Rapids and is a coworker of one of my previous professors here and Grand Valley. She had a very interesting speech with a ton of great advice for young and clueless students like myself.

After the ‘Morning Keynote’ I proceeded down the hallway to attend a session on Job and Internship Strategies presented by Rachel Becklin, a Career Center specialist at GVSU. Here she gave us a packet with tons of great websites and tips on how to stand out and grab that internship of interest. After showing us how to find some internships or jobs, she gave us an outline on how to approach the company or organization so we wouldn’t be over-looked.

Overall I thought that conference was great and taught me a lot on how to make myself stand out in the crowd and really make connections for potential employers. I got to meet some peers and took a ton of notes. If I didn’t have to run off to class that day, I would have definitely stayed longer and attended more sessions. I will definitely be on the lookout for events and conferences like this in the future.


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An Infographic Resume

Untitled Infographic
The Startup Way Template

You may have seen an infographic when reading an article or studying facts about a particular subject. An infographic is simply a bunch of information described with pictures and diagrams. I have used them in various blogs such as More on Social Media. An infographic resume, however, is a resume in the form of an infographic. This is a great way to make a fun, interesting, and memorable resume, particularly for those going into a design or marketing career.

Good news is, that you can make an infographic on basically anything you want. is an awesome website with tons of free templates, icons, shapes, and text type to make the coolest infographics around. I have turned my plain and boring resume into a beautiful and intriguing one. Piktochart allows for countless possibilities to change your infographic into the way you want it. I used the template The Startup Way (Top) and ended with my resume (Bottom).

Info Resume Private

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Brand Yourself is an excellent tool to help future employers or clients find you through simple Google search. By creating a free account, the site analyzes how you look when you are Googled. The first 10 pages of your Google search (your name) where you are given the option to rate the search by clicking Negative, Positive, or Not Me. After going through various steps, the website gives you a letter grade based on how good you look on the first page of Google. If your grade is not very high you can increase your grade by “Boosting” your social media accounts, blogs, websites, etc. so they show up first when searched.

Now I know you must be dying to know what my grade is…well after boosting as much as possible I ended with a very exciting F.

Let me explain before you get all confused on why I just promoted this website when I ended up failing. Georgia Madison is a somewhat unique name. I stated before in my Keyword post that my name is often the used for various roads, cities, and obviously a state. Googling ‘Georgia Madison’ will lead you too 10+ pages on the city of Madison, Georgia.Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 2.24.41 PMIn a few weeks, I will revisit the BrandYourself website to see if my search results have increased along with the grade I received.

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UnknownSearch Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing is important to know when wanting to promote your brand, company, or self. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a great way to begin this process. After creating a new account, Google AdWords has a ton of ways to create ads and tools to learn how to better market yourself on the massive world wide web.

To begin, I chose five words/key terms that I thought people would use to look up this blog. My words were: advertising, public relations, Grand Valley State University, communications, and social media. After typing in advertising, keyword suggestions showed advertisement, which gets the average monthly search of 135,000. Public relations is searched 9,500 times but the keyword phrase what is public relations is search 12,100 times a month. Grand Valley State University was searched about 49,500 times a month but phrases such as where is grand valley state university and grand valley state university jobs were much lower and only recorded in the 200-900 range. Communications came in at 27,000 however communication is nearly 9 times higher at 246,000. Last but not least, social media is searched 246,000 times a month, the first related keyword phrase was  which was searched 60,500.

Google AdWords can also give you keywords or ideas to better incorporate your blog, website, etc… After adding my blog URL into the system, many results came up. Now keeping in mind that the name of my blog is also my name, Georgia E. Madison. Likewise, my name is often mistaken for a state, town, or even street so many of my top answers are irrelevant to my blog however, I added them below to compare to the top results.

  • new email address – 9,900 (Average Monthly Search)
  • build a website – 12,100
  • madison university – 2,900
  • where is georgia state – 260
  • advertising and public relations – 50
  • grand valley state university – 70

An example to boost my blog would be to make a statement that included the words suggested: Whether you are wondering about what is public relations, advertising, or simply the communication between different people, is the place to go.