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Susan G. Komen Michigan Internship

During my last semester at GVSU, I had the privilege of being a marketing intern for Susan G. Komen of Michigan. Here we focused on breast cancer awareness and providing materials to men and women to catch it at an early stage.

Like many businesses, Cold Stone set a date and time where they donated proceeds to Komen Michigan; below there is a flyer and social media post to advertise the event.

Cold Stone Social Media

Cold Stone Flyer

This is a full page magazine advertisement for Women’s Health for the Mid-Michigan Ride for the Cure.

2017 MidMI Ride Ad Final

Many other businesses allow customers to donate to Susan G. Komen Michigan; this is an example of what the flyers looked like for Pie Day.

Pie Day Donation Flyer


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The Best Time to be an Advertising Major

As the biggest advertising “event” is just around the corner and the excitement is building.

Although I will never understand why agencies release their anticipated commercials before the big game, the $5 million slots will be filled with some impressive work.SB50_Primary_Regional_fulldate_RGB-2

So why do agencies premiere their ads before game day?

Rumors from previous years stated that some of the commercials were leaked online early, forcing the agency to release it ahead of time. Other were that some companies wanted their ad to be seen and talked about first, so they released it in January.

Super Bowl 49 had a few ads that stood out from the rest however, many of them had already been playing for months or were released mid-January so by the time it premiered on Super Bowl Sunday, it wasn’t a surprise anymore.

Personally, I believe one of the best ads from Super Bowl 49 was for the Chevrolet Colorado right before the game started. It scared people across the country with the fear that their TV had just gone out right before kick-off.

There were a few reasons why this ad was so successful. Not only did everyone look at the television screen when this began to happen but it was the first time people were seeing it! The ads that were not shown before the game were the ones most talked about, another point in why I believe showing a super bowl ad before the game is a bad idea.

Super Bowl 50 holds a lot of expectation for their ads and are already proving to be impressive (despite the fact that it won’t be a surprise come Sunday).

If you don’t like surprises and wish to see all of the commercials now, click the link below.

Super Bowl ads for 2016

So what is the best time to be an advertising major? The time when you are forced to watch the Super Bowl for homework and have a party in class to discuss the best ads of the year.

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I’m a Barbie Girl

My sister’s and my Barbies, Bratz, and MySceme dolls.
Barbie has received criticism for the past decade on how it gives young girls the wrong idea on what the perfect appearance should be like; skinny waist, long hair, curves in all the right places. However, they are getting a lot of praise from their latest commercial gone viral video.

Personally, I think Barbie should have done this a long time ago. As someone who grew up with more Barbies than I can even count, this video brought back numerous memories. I never believed the dolls gave me a sense of how I should look. In fact I did not even know about the “controversies” until I was almost in high school. Even then I couldn’t comprehend that young girls played with Barbies because that’s the way they want to look, but in reality just having fun and playing while they still have a strong enough imagination to do so.

Our society is so focused on trying to push the idea that you don’t have to have the perfect body so much so that it has to blame children’s toys for giving young girls a false impression of what they are suppose to be. I am so glad the Mattel brand was able to change that idea and portray how young girls really use the dolls as inspiration and motivation.

As for the advertisement, keep it up Barbie (and friends), show the world inspiring ads on how dolls let girls be whatever they want to be.

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Working On That Resume

Grand Valley State University offers an array of services, including advising appointments where any student can receive help in the Career Center. I visited with an advisor to look of my resume which primarily consist of things I accomplished or participated in during high school. I brought in my traditional resume as well as my infographic resume wanting to receive opinions on both. IMG_4296

New to the department, the advisor was very impressed with the infographic resume and agreed that it fit well with my major of advertising and public relations. After reading over both resumes, she game me a few suggestions on how to better organize it as well as giving me a packet on how to write resumes and cover letters. Something I wish I had a long time ago. I am so glad I was able to talk to a professional on how to better prepare my resume for plenty of jobs in the future. I can’t wait to edit, add on, and perfect it to make myself look more professional and stand out among the crowd.

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Closing Time

As the semester comes to a close we have to present and highlight projects from throughout the semester. Trying to be creative, I put my presentation in a timeline format using This semester has had some awesome (and not so awesome) projects that many of you have read over the past 3 and a half months. So lets get started:

My Blog: Luckily I was already a head on assignments during the first week or so. I had already set up my blog using WordPress in September of 2014 for my Fundamentals in Public Relations class here at Grand Valley. I’m so glad I kept it and was already use to writing blogs and setting up the format the way I wanted it to be.

Final Cut Pro: I was glad that one of the bigger projects for the semester was one of the first. I really enjoyed learning how to use Final Cut Pro and didn’t have too many issues with the trial version I used to downloaded onto my Mac. The only downside to this was that I had to take my videos off of a cloud account which decreased the quality and clarity of the picture. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this occurred until after I had almost finished and watched the video in a bigger window. See My First Video! This website was new to me and I learned a lot. The listed jobs were jobs that I would like to do in the future, hopefully at an advertising agency. One thing I realized while going through my work was that one job listing required experience using WordPress. I had forgotten about this and realized how this blog not only can help me make connections but can also get me a job. See Technology in Careers. I had never heard of digital business cards or nameplates before and this is a tool I will continue to add onto in the future. It is a great website where I can add all of my information, including social media sights, into one place for future employers to find. The only trouble I remember having with this is setting it up from scratch. It took me a while to get everything set in an organized and professional manner. See Your Digital Business Card.

Photoshop: Probably one of my best and favorite projects of the class. This assignment was a refresher for me because of my photography class I had in high school. I removed all of the people in the bottom portion of the picture and added a few filters to make the sky bluer and the Big Ben stand out a little more. The only bad thing about this project was that it was very tedious and took a lot of time to complete. See Before and After.

BrandYourself: My results on were not the greatest. Even after a few weeks and boosting as much as I could, I wasn’t found until the 9th page when my Twitter came up. I guess having a name that is also a city in a state can be detrimental when a future employer tries to find you, however I’m glad I know about this now so that in a few years, I can improve my results. See Brand Yourself and Brand Yourself…Again.

Gif: I always enjoyed looking at different .gif files online. They’re usually funny and are different than a regular picture. After creating one of my dog and sending it to my sister, she then sent me videos of her and my next door neighbor tubing on a lake. This .gif turned out way better than the one of my dog but I decided to show both in my presentation. See Tips for Gifs.

Infographic Resume: I always thought infographics were a much better way to present information. Because I am often a person, creating this was so much fun, even if I spent a lot of time working on it. I included everything that was on my normal resume but made it look a lot prettier and interesting. I look forward to adding onto this resume and using it for future job searches. See An Infographic Resume.

TweetDeck: One of our last larger projects was using social media management for a Twitter account and using the hashtag #CAP105GVSU. I was unaware that tools such as existed. Being able to manage social media by scheduling post is a huge advantage to businesses and organizations. The only problems I had with this were pressing “enter” before setting a scheduled time and deciding what to tweet about in advanced. See All Hands on TweetDeck.

See my Prezi here or click the picture below!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.22.21 PM

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How to work InDesign

InDesign is a platform run by Adobe that is a CAP 105-Beforecross between Photoshop and Microsoft Word. The program allows you to create documents, posters, flyers, etc. I am trying to understand why I have never heard of or have been introduced to this fun program before now. With all of the projects I have had to do in the past, I know that this would have been an awesome tool for me to use. The following document was the Saugatuck Center for the Arts 2013 Annual Report. It explained some of the events held and interesting statistics. After given the original document (right) “the client” had a few changes that needed to be made before it was shipped off to the printers.

Changes made:

  • Kathy Kirby’s name to “Whitney Valentine, Exhibitions & Education Manager” on the bottom left.
  • The clay woman photo to the outdoor photo.
  • Numbers in the graph from 35% to 36% and 24% to 23%

CAP105-AfterThis changes were very simple (left) and possibly not noticeable to every at first look, however to a business it is a big deal. It would be similar to someone publishing a book without it being proofread first.

Without having any previous experience with the program, I was able to easily navigate my way through the changes with very little confusion. I will definitely be keeping InDesign in mind when the next project arises, whether it be for school purposes or later in my professional career in advertising and public relations.

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Brand Yourself is an excellent tool to help future employers or clients find you through simple Google search. By creating a free account, the site analyzes how you look when you are Googled. The first 10 pages of your Google search (your name) where you are given the option to rate the search by clicking Negative, Positive, or Not Me. After going through various steps, the website gives you a letter grade based on how good you look on the first page of Google. If your grade is not very high you can increase your grade by “Boosting” your social media accounts, blogs, websites, etc. so they show up first when searched.

Now I know you must be dying to know what my grade is…well after boosting as much as possible I ended with a very exciting F.

Let me explain before you get all confused on why I just promoted this website when I ended up failing. Georgia Madison is a somewhat unique name. I stated before in my Keyword post that my name is often the used for various roads, cities, and obviously a state. Googling ‘Georgia Madison’ will lead you too 10+ pages on the city of Madison, Georgia.Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 2.24.41 PMIn a few weeks, I will revisit the BrandYourself website to see if my search results have increased along with the grade I received.