603494_373075039433172_1443760847_n.jpgMy name is Georgia Madison and I am a junior at Grand Valley State University, studying Advertising and Public Relations [advertising emphasis] in addition to pursuing a minor in Spanish. Although I miss my hometown of Clarkston, Michigan I really enjoy life on the state’s west side. My hobbies and interests include things like traveling, decorating/design, crafting, dogs [especially mine] and of course spending time with family and friends.

Although cliche, after binge watching every season of Mad Men on Netflix, I fell in love with the industry even more. Fascinated in Mid-Century or Golden Age advertising, I have bought additional books with a collection of famous advertisements from around the world just for my own enjoyment. Some of the prominent 1960s design elements can even be seen in some of my work.

Most people ask me what I want to do in advertising after graduation and the answer is not always easy [especially to those who know nothing about the field]. My goal is to work in creative, coming up with campaign concepts and see them come to life; however recently when people ask, and they still don’t totally understand, I sometimes tell them I want to be Donald Draper [minus his personal life issues]. Everything from Lucky Strike to the Coca-Cola ad at the very end makes me want to create something as innovative in the near future.





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