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La quinta semana

13432219_10154302248484116_6255000306765198512_nAnother week came and went before I even realized it was my last weekend abroad. Last post I said Barcelona was the most memorable weekend here, well that has changed. After classes and going out for drinks at night with friends, a group of friends and hopped on a plane and flew to Rome on Thursday (June 16th). Now I originally had some reservations about returning to a city I have already been to (on a Cruise is 2011) but it was so WORTH IT! I’ve done Rome in a day but having a long weekend without any place to be at specific times was so much more fun. We used Ryan Airlines to fly from Valencia to Rome and stayed at a nice Airbnb 10 minutes walking distance north east of the Coliseum. That day we walked down the street for pizza and gelato, took a much needed long nap, and got ready for the first night out of the weekend.

Friday (June 17th) we got up at a decent hour and mapped out our sight seeing goals for the day. As we start walking to the Coluseum we see a park and decide to take a short detour, I suddenly look up a head and realize we stumbled upon the Coluseum as if it were any other stadium in the world. We continued our self-made walking tour and hit the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps (which were closed and under construction), and found a side street restaurant for more pizza and pasta.

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Panoramic views of Rome

On Saturday (June 18th) we slept in a little longer and finally made our way to the metro to take us to Vatican City. It was very hot that morning so we decided to have an early lunch in the shade where we had the funniest waiter of the whole study abroad trip. Because we saw most of the touristy sight seeing attractions we decided to stroll through some more parks. We came across a spot with views of the entire city where we watched four different wedding pictures take place.

Finalmente Sunday (June 19th) we taxied back to the airport and eventually back to Valencia where we reminisced about the best parts of the weekend and how we hope to travel around Europe more in the future.

Drunken Ship American Bar

Places to go:


  • Fox Congo (Valencia)
  • Shari Vari (Rome)


  • Pazzariello (Rome)
  • La Locanda del Templo (Rome)
  • Drunken Ship (Rome)


  • Coliseum (Rome)
  • Trevi Fountain (Rome)
  • Spanish Steps (Rome)
  • Pantheon (Rome)
  • Vatican City (Vatican City/Rome)



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