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La cuarta semana

This may have been one of the most memorable weeks so far, and I can’t believe I only have one more weekend until this trip comes to an end. My new friendships have become stronger and experiencing more cultural events have become more fun. The first part of the week began with the typically classes, searching for the best gelato, and a Flamingo show Tuesday night (June 7th). I was blown away by the talent and if you’re going to spend a week or more in Valencia, it is a must-see event at Radio City.


Sadie y yo woke up early Friday morning (June 10th) to head to the Valencia soccer stadium where we boarded the bus headed to Barcelona. The weekend was filled with sight-seeing, free-time exploring, and the amazing night life Spain has to offer. After arriving to the city, we rode the bus around the city as a tour guide pointed out some of the main things to see or important facts about the city. Fun fact: after multiple tours throughout the weekend, we thought to ourselves “we get it, you had the Olympics 23 years ago”. Turns out that Barcelona was never a large tourist city until the Olympic Games in 1992. Many streets were cleaned and historical buildings became open to the public.

Park Guell with sights to the Sagrada Familia in the distance
Sagrada Familia

Saturday (June 11th) the real tours began. We walked parts of the city related to Antoni Gaudí, a HUGE architect and designer in Spain, especially Barcelona. We walked around Park Guell  which had a beautiful panoramic view of the city and many scenes from movies such as “Cheetah Girls 2” were filmed. Later we walked around the famous Sagrada Familia which will finally be finished with construction in 2026 after 150 years since the first part had been built. This Basilica had also been taken over by Gaudí and although he passed in 1926, many of his original design elements are being used in construction today.

Sunday (June 12th) consisted of more free time and tours across the old gothic part of the city. This is where we visited the Cathedral of Barcelona (which is different than the Sagrada Familia). The streets were much smaller in this area and easy to get lost in, however my friend Allie and I found a plaza to eat a delicious lunch. Afterwards we watched the end of the Human Pyramid competition that locals participate in frequently. Although my previous visit to Barcelona four years was brief, I do remember seeing the Christopher Columbus statue pointing towards the Mediterranean Sea (where our Mediterranean cruise departed). I could have easily spent three more days in Barcelona but Sunday afternoon we finally made our way back to Valencia which kind of felt like we were coming home from a little vacation only to realize this trip hasn’t stopped.

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Places to go:


  • Opium (Barcelona)


  • Radio City (Valencia)


  • Calle de Colón (Valencia)
  • Park Guell (Barcelona)
  • Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
  • Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia (Barcelona)
  • Las Ramblas (Barcelona)

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