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La tercera semana

IMG_2027Another week came to a quick close after a fun-filled weekend. At this point the city has become more familiar, getting around has becoming easier, and everyone who lives here still stares at me as if I’m of a different species (still not sure why American’s are so fascinating to look at). After-class adventures included going to the beach with friends, walking around and souvenir shopping in Old-Valencia (the downtown and historic part of the city).

Friday (June 3rd) I got to visit the largest aquarium in all of Europe and probably the coolest aquarium I have ever been to. The large outdoor aquarium is perfect for spending time outside and cooling off underground with the sharks. At the Oceanografic, our group watched a dolphin show that was amazing to a bunch of 20+ year olds (aka aquariums are not just for children so there is no need to push people of the way so your child can see the fish too).

Oceanografic main entrance
Dolphin show



On Saturday (June 4th) our group took an hour bus ride through the country-side to the beautiful beach of Gandia. Here we learned how to windsurf (failed), paddle board (Sadie and I were the fastest), kayaked (we were just hungry at this point), and sailed on a catamaran (between the water and wind from how fast we were going, I was cold). We spent the rest of the afternoon laying in the sun, eating our packed lunches, and walking down to the beach bar for a Tinto de Verano. I gloated that I was one of the few to make it through the day without any signs of sunburn…little did I know that the sunburn on my back just didn’t want to show until after I showered that afternoon. Sunday was another relaxing day people watching on the beach in Valencia and finding a cafe for lunch on a near side street. Next weekend: Barcelona!

Places to go:


  • High Cube
  • Marina on the Beach


  • Red Cup




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