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The Best Time to be an Advertising Major

As the biggest advertising “event” is just around the corner and the excitement is building.

Although I will never understand why agencies release their anticipated commercials before the big game, the $5 million slots will be filled with some impressive work.SB50_Primary_Regional_fulldate_RGB-2

So why do agencies premiere their ads before game day?

Rumors from previous years stated that some of the commercials were leaked online early, forcing the agency to release it ahead of time. Other were that some companies wanted their ad to be seen and talked about first, so they released it in January.

Super Bowl 49 had a few ads that stood out from the rest however, many of them had already been playing for months or were released mid-January so by the time it premiered on Super Bowl Sunday, it wasn’t a surprise anymore.

Personally, I believe one of the best ads from Super Bowl 49 was for the Chevrolet Colorado right before the game started. It scared people across the country with the fear that their TV had just gone out right before kick-off.

There were a few reasons why this ad was so successful. Not only did everyone look at the television screen when this began to happen but it was the first time people were seeing it! The ads that were not shown before the game were the ones most talked about, another point in why I believe showing a super bowl ad before the game is a bad idea.

Super Bowl 50 holds a lot of expectation for their ads and are already proving to be impressive (despite the fact that it won’t be a surprise come Sunday).

If you don’t like surprises and wish to see all of the commercials now, click the link below.

Super Bowl ads for 2016

So what is the best time to be an advertising major? The time when you are forced to watch the Super Bowl for homework and have a party in class to discuss the best ads of the year.


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