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I’m a Barbie Girl

My sister’s and my Barbies, Bratz, and MySceme dolls.
Barbie has received criticism for the past decade on how it gives young girls the wrong idea on what the perfect appearance should be like; skinny waist, long hair, curves in all the right places. However, they are getting a lot of praise from their latest commercial gone viral video.

Personally, I think Barbie should have done this a long time ago. As someone who grew up with more Barbies than I can even count, this video brought back numerous memories. I never believed the dolls gave me a sense of how I should look. In fact I did not even know about the “controversies” until I was almost in high school. Even then I couldn’t comprehend that young girls played with Barbies because that’s the way they want to look, but in reality just having fun and playing while they still have a strong enough imagination to do so.

Our society is so focused on trying to push the idea that you don’t have to have the perfect body so much so that it has to blame children’s toys for giving young girls a false impression of what they are suppose to be. I am so glad the Mattel brand was able to change that idea and portray how young girls really use the dolls as inspiration and motivation.

As for the advertisement, keep it up Barbie (and friends), show the world inspiring ads on how dolls let girls be whatever they want to be.


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