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Closing Time

As the semester comes to a close we have to present and highlight projects from throughout the semester. Trying to be creative, I put my presentation in a timeline format using This semester has had some awesome (and not so awesome) projects that many of you have read over the past 3 and a half months. So lets get started:

My Blog: Luckily I was already a head on assignments during the first week or so. I had already set up my blog using WordPress in September of 2014 for my Fundamentals in Public Relations class here at Grand Valley. I’m so glad I kept it and was already use to writing blogs and setting up the format the way I wanted it to be.

Final Cut Pro: I was glad that one of the bigger projects for the semester was one of the first. I really enjoyed learning how to use Final Cut Pro and didn’t have too many issues with the trial version I used to downloaded onto my Mac. The only downside to this was that I had to take my videos off of a cloud account which decreased the quality and clarity of the picture. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this occurred until after I had almost finished and watched the video in a bigger window. See My First Video! This website was new to me and I learned a lot. The listed jobs were jobs that I would like to do in the future, hopefully at an advertising agency. One thing I realized while going through my work was that one job listing required experience using WordPress. I had forgotten about this and realized how this blog not only can help me make connections but can also get me a job. See Technology in Careers. I had never heard of digital business cards or nameplates before and this is a tool I will continue to add onto in the future. It is a great website where I can add all of my information, including social media sights, into one place for future employers to find. The only trouble I remember having with this is setting it up from scratch. It took me a while to get everything set in an organized and professional manner. See Your Digital Business Card.

Photoshop: Probably one of my best and favorite projects of the class. This assignment was a refresher for me because of my photography class I had in high school. I removed all of the people in the bottom portion of the picture and added a few filters to make the sky bluer and the Big Ben stand out a little more. The only bad thing about this project was that it was very tedious and took a lot of time to complete. See Before and After.

BrandYourself: My results on were not the greatest. Even after a few weeks and boosting as much as I could, I wasn’t found until the 9th page when my Twitter came up. I guess having a name that is also a city in a state can be detrimental when a future employer tries to find you, however I’m glad I know about this now so that in a few years, I can improve my results. See Brand Yourself and Brand Yourself…Again.

Gif: I always enjoyed looking at different .gif files online. They’re usually funny and are different than a regular picture. After creating one of my dog and sending it to my sister, she then sent me videos of her and my next door neighbor tubing on a lake. This .gif turned out way better than the one of my dog but I decided to show both in my presentation. See Tips for Gifs.

Infographic Resume: I always thought infographics were a much better way to present information. Because I am often a person, creating this was so much fun, even if I spent a lot of time working on it. I included everything that was on my normal resume but made it look a lot prettier and interesting. I look forward to adding onto this resume and using it for future job searches. See An Infographic Resume.

TweetDeck: One of our last larger projects was using social media management for a Twitter account and using the hashtag #CAP105GVSU. I was unaware that tools such as existed. Being able to manage social media by scheduling post is a huge advantage to businesses and organizations. The only problems I had with this were pressing “enter” before setting a scheduled time and deciding what to tweet about in advanced. See All Hands on TweetDeck.

See my Prezi here or click the picture below!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.22.21 PM


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