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Into the Future

For those who are unaware of my blog it was originally created for my Fundamentals in Public Relations class where we were to write blog posts once a week based off of questions throughout the Fall Semester of 2014. After the glorious Christmas Break ended a new semester began. I had to create a blog for the Winter Semester of 2015 for my Technologies in Advertising and Public Relations class (So I used the one I already had). This time we had at least two blog posts due every week.

So what’s next? Let sit unused and untouched over the summer months in hopes of another class where I’ll have to write blogs posts for credit the following school year? I sure hope not! This past semester has given me a little more freedom in terms of my writings and I’ve grown to really enjoy my blog. This blog will definitely stay alive…the amount of posts or the content of post is yet to be determined. I would like to stay in the communications field to the best of my ability but I may need to play around a little with various topics to find my fits me (and my schedule) the best.


On the plus side, I have been able to use georgiaemadison on my LinkedIn, BrandYourself, and accounts. Not only does this blog help further employees understand me a little better, they can also understand some of the things I have learned or know about. I also want to keep this blog as somewhat of a practice for my writing. I will admit, it’s not always the best and my vocabulary is average. However, I do want to improve these skills and practice makes perfect right? Besides, one of the coolest part about having this blog is telling people that I have a blog! People seem to be vary impressed and interested whenever those words come out of my mouth.

On the negative side, summer seems to get shorter every year that goes by and I often like to spend my free time lying in the sun, hanging out with friends, or spend time at home because I know the free time won’t last forever. I have a feeling that I may pick a few of these over writing a blog post but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

This blog for my CAP 105 class won’t be going anywhere any time soon, I hope my followers or other readers will stay entertained and enjoy my past, present, and future posts.



3 thoughts on “Into the Future

  1. It is a good idea to keep your blog even if you don’t use it much because you can still say that you have a blog to future employers! I’m in the same boat with you regarding how active I will be with my blog over the summer!

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  2. I feel you on the summer blogging! Its going to be hard to pretty much set aside time to make a post but like you said can’t blame a girl for trying! Great links also! Your blogs are very well organized!

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