CAP 105-04 · Communications · Marketing

Student to Professional

IMG_4269I have stated before how important networking is to all career fields in the future. On March 20th I attended a conference held by the Career Center at Grand Valley which helped to prepare us students to become professionals in our career after we graduate. When I first arrived, speaker Kim Bode was giving a presentation on how to build your personal brand in addition to attract a following online and in person. Bode is the founder of 834 Design and Marketing in Grand Rapids and is a coworker of one of my previous professors here and Grand Valley. She had a very interesting speech with a ton of great advice for young and clueless students like myself.

After the ‘Morning Keynote’ I proceeded down the hallway to attend a session on Job and Internship Strategies presented by Rachel Becklin, a Career Center specialist at GVSU. Here she gave us a packet with tons of great websites and tips on how to stand out and grab that internship of interest. After showing us how to find some internships or jobs, she gave us an outline on how to approach the company or organization so we wouldn’t be over-looked.

Overall I thought that conference was great and taught me a lot on how to make myself stand out in the crowd and really make connections for potential employers. I got to meet some peers and took a ton of notes. If I didn’t have to run off to class that day, I would have definitely stayed longer and attended more sessions. I will definitely be on the lookout for events and conferences like this in the future.



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