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An Infographic Resume

Untitled Infographic
The Startup Way Template

You may have seen an infographic when reading an article or studying facts about a particular subject. An infographic is simply a bunch of information described with pictures and diagrams. I have used them in various blogs such as More on Social Media. An infographic resume, however, is a resume in the form of an infographic. This is a great way to make a fun, interesting, and memorable resume, particularly for those going into a design or marketing career.

Good news is, that you can make an infographic on basically anything you want. is an awesome website with tons of free templates, icons, shapes, and text type to make the coolest infographics around. I have turned my plain and boring resume into a beautiful and intriguing one. Piktochart allows for countless possibilities to change your infographic into the way you want it. I used the template The Startup Way (Top) and ended with my resume (Bottom).

Info Resume Private


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