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Tips for Gifs

A gif is somewhat hard to explain. It is often described as an animated picture or a loop of a video in slow motion. If you use Facebook, twitter, or have ever been on BuzzFeed, then you’re probably familiar with the concept. If not, here is a list of 43 Funniest GifsEUpmot is a great website where you can create your own gifs from pictures, videos, or even from those random cat videos you find on YouTube for up to 5 seconds of footage. After scrolling through my photo library on my computer for a while, I had found a video of my dog running around and playing. I thought it was funny and sent it to my sister. Later, she showed me a few videos that she had found on her phone that would also make great and hilarious gifs. The one I chose to post was a video taken of my sister and next-door neighbor tubing on a lake, and well you can see the rest…

Making gifs is super easy and enjoyable to do. Here are a few more examples of gifs I have made of my dog for your amusement: Dog Enters Room and Running Puppy.


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