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I accept the Terms & Conditions

How many times have you accepted the Terms & Conditions when creating an account on a website, purchasing a song on iTunes, or updating your laptop to the newest ? I know I have done it a million times, however, I don’t think I have ever read the Terms & Conditions. For starters, who has time to read all of that small print much less understand it. And even if I did read through it, and didn’t agree, then what next…I can’t make a purchase or account on virtually any website out there.Screen-Shot-2011-11-14-at-20.11.08

For those interested in what is in the endless list of Terms & Conditions but don’t feel like actually reading through them, I highly suggest watching the documentary movie Terms and Conditions May Apply. The information listed below is based off the movies descriptions, stories, and information on what you are really agreeing to.

You Agreed to the Following:

  • We May Use Your Personal Data (Ever hear about cookies? Most websites are linked to each other and can share your data)
  • We May Share Your Information with the Government (aka: The government can watch everything you do)
  • Your Information Is “Anonymous” (aka: You don’t really own your data)
  • We May Use Your Data to Prevent (If you say something that looks threatening…the FBI can show up at your door)

The question I am having trouble with is what we are going to do now. I don’t agree to all the hidden Terms & Conditions but I also want to keep my Facebook, Twitter, and basically every other online account I have. To avoid these, we would basically have to live under a rock. All of this started when a law was passed after 9-11 to help protect Americans against terrorist groups, something I totally agree with…but has it come too far?

You always have to be careful about what you do or post on the Internet because even though you may delete it, it is not really gone. Like George Orwell said in 1984 “Big Brother is Watching You.”


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