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How to work InDesign

InDesign is a platform run by Adobe that is a CAP 105-Beforecross between Photoshop and Microsoft Word. The program allows you to create documents, posters, flyers, etc. I am trying to understand why I have never heard of or have been introduced to this fun program before now. With all of the projects I have had to do in the past, I know that this would have been an awesome tool for me to use. The following document was the Saugatuck Center for the Arts 2013 Annual Report. It explained some of the events held and interesting statistics. After given the original document (right) “the client” had a few changes that needed to be made before it was shipped off to the printers.

Changes made:

  • Kathy Kirby’s name to “Whitney Valentine, Exhibitions & Education Manager” on the bottom left.
  • The clay woman photo to the outdoor photo.
  • Numbers in the graph from 35% to 36% and 24% to 23%

CAP105-AfterThis changes were very simple (left) and possibly not noticeable to every at first look, however to a business it is a big deal. It would be similar to someone publishing a book without it being proofread first.

Without having any previous experience with the program, I was able to easily navigate my way through the changes with very little confusion. I will definitely be keeping InDesign in mind when the next project arises, whether it be for school purposes or later in my professional career in advertising and public relations.


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