Advertising · CAP 105-04 · Communications · Public Relations

Re: Email Etiquette

As emailing continues to grow as one of the most popular forms of communication, it is critical to know how to properly write and send emails; primarily the dreaded mass email.

Here are are a few tips to have the most proper email etiquette.

Tip 1: Use group emails sparingly and do not “reply all” unless it pertains to all parties.

Tip 2: Keep signatures professional…and leave out the quotes!

Tip 3: Subject lines are important. Remember to be descriptive but brief.

Tip 4: Only discuss one topic per email. This is to avoid confusion and allows for every situation to be handled properly.

Tip 5: Never email angry. Emailing and emotions do not mix well and can create many problems for you because of the lack of nonverbal communication.

Now that you how to write a perfect email, you can jump into the next task of using various forms of email marketing to help a business send newsletters, information, etc. Some common email marketing services are Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and Vertical Response. Some features these websites offer are list management, rich email editor and templates, along with analytics which study how many people viewed, opens, and blocked the email that you sent.

Email etiquette is huge when succeeding any career as well as keeping professional relationships with coworkers. Email marketing is a useful tool that many companies and organizations use to communicate with those who wish to receive information.


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