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Before and After

Photoshop is a tool that can create some amazing things. It is an extreme photo editor that can take the simplest of pictures and turn it into something massive in size, quality, and detail. Photoshop experts can even turn a woman into a piece of pizza! Now, my photoshop skills are average at best but I took a decent amount of time trying to perfect a photo I took in London, edit people out of it, and still look like an original picture.

If you’re into games where you have to find the differences in two pictures, you are in luck! Can you spot the differences?

IMG_0074_2 big ben_edited-2

The differences in the two photos are fairly obvious. The man in the left bottom corner was removed along with the two police officers and the woman on the bottom right corner. Although the man on the bottom left corner was easy to remover, the other people who were in the way of the beautiful photo of Big Ben were quite difficult to remove. To do this, the Clone Stamp too was used in different sizes to copy pieces of the original photo and paste them over unwanted objects. For example, to delete the policemen the Clone Stamp was placed over the trees, selected, and then drawn on top of the people. In order to make the picture a little more inviting and bright, filters were added that enhanced the color. The Hue and Brightness were slightly increased in addition to lightening the Midtone colors. Finally, I saved my photo at a .JPEG file. Over all, I am pleased with my work using photoshop and will definitely use it again to delete the people who walk in front of a beautiful shot.


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