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Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a program for video editing. Having never used the program before, I was stepping into a project with a fresh look on how it works. During an in class lecture, I learned a lot of the basics to edit and cut a video. these steps are explained below.Unknown

First, Save your video all to the same location before you start editing.

Next, File > Import > and then choose the Files individually or the Folder which contains all of the Files you with to import.

Now to edit your video first click the Image/Video from the left screen (box)  and drag down to the horizontal lines on the bottom. *Make sure the Arrow is facing down, before dropping the Image/Video into place.

Highlight the Image/Video >Sequence > Render Only > Need Render

Repeat steps, expect chose For Playback instead of Need Render.*This ensures that your video can be edited.

The Razor Blade Tool on the far right side of the screen is to cut the footage out of your project. Highlight and Delete the portion you wish to get rid of.

These are just a few of the simple steps on how to cut portions of your video out. For more information, see the Final Cut Pro User Manual here.

There are numerous videos to help you in editing your videos on Final Cut Pro; examples are below.

FCPX 10.1 Training Lesson 1 – Interface Tour

Final Cut Pro X: Workflow and Editing




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