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“Hashtags Don’t Break For Halftime”

Grand Valley State University had the pleasure of having returning graduate, Jocelyn Goldberg, to speak about her experience at the Independently owned advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy. Jocelyn talked about the commercial that made her want to work for the agency back in 2011 during the super bowl. She stated that as soon as she saw the Chryslers commercial with Eminem, she knew she had to work for Widen immediately. It was a few month later when she moved to Portland, Oregon and began her career working with social media. The next three years she was a part of the Coca-Cola super bowl commercials and worked in the “War Room”. Because these commercials involved the audience to be involved, Coke required a team to react to responses in real time.

The Polar Bowl was well liked advertisement in 2012 when the famous Coke Polar Bears reacted to the plays going on in the game.




In 2013, people were given the option to vote for who would win the Coca-Cola in the Coke Chase.


The 2014 Coca-Cola commercial didn’t react to the game or have people vote, but created much more buzz when it came to the reactions of Super Bowl fans. The It’s Beautiful commercial targeted Americans and described the different ways in which #AmericaIsBeautiful. This ad even got the attention of Vice President Joe Biden when he tweeted out about how great the commercial was.

I really enjoyed hearing Jocelyn speak about her experiences at a great advertising agency and I hope to one day be as successful as she has been at such a young age and I can’t wait to see her work in this years Weight Watchers Super Bowl  commercial.


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