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Wrinkle Creative

Wrinkle Creative is a small business catering to nonprofit organizations with photography, videos, games, and most importantly, engagement in the community of Grand Rapids. The two co-owners, Randy and Mallory, are Grand Valley State University graduates who had started their business from scratch in 2014. Now, only a year later, the two have accomplished multiple projects and won numerous awards.

As a Grand Valley student myself, just the thought of graduating in about two and a half years and starting my own business scares me. I feel too young to have my own business or a real job yet. Unfortunately, I know that day of “entering the real world” will be here before I know it and I believe that Randy and Mallory will be some great inspiration when that day comes.

After exploring Wrinkle Creative‘s website and blog I became very intrigued by some of their work. One of my favorite projects on their website included the Cancer Warriors Trailer for the longer documentary film. As someone who has had multiple family members diagnosed with cancer, I could immediately identify with those being interviewed. I liked how it told the story of the patient and their family.

Wrinkle Creative is an upcoming business that I believe will really exceed in the busy city of Grand Rapids and throughout the rest of west Michigan. I know this will definitely not be the last time I hear about Randy and Mallory and the terrific work that they do for non-profit organizations.

Follow more of Wrinkle Creative’s projects on Facebook and Twitter.


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