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Who do you know?

Personal BrandingThere have been two times in my life where I have gotten a job because of connections I had with others. People always say it’s about who you know to get anywhere in the workplace. I never really understood this or realize how important it was until it happened to me.

My first job was at the Clarkston Auto Wash Co. in Clarkston, Michigan after my parents told me I had to get a job for the summer in 2012. I figured because my dad knew the owner maybe it would help in landing a job there. Although my dad never said anything to him, the owner still recognized my name as soon as I walked into his office and handed him my application. After calling back for an interview and discussing my availability to work, I was hired. Fast forward a year, after graduating high school, my dad was having a casual conversation with another parent at a graduation party. This other parent was the director of the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. During the conversation my dad had mentioned that I was going to Grand Valley State University  in the fall (something he told every single person he knew) and how excited I was. About that time I had walked up to ask my dad a question and was quickly brought into the conversation. Although I knew the director of the museum, we have never really talked before. Interesting enough his grandfather was a key factor in the start of the University and has since had one of the on campus living centers named after him. As the conversation was coming to a close, Dr. Stafford had offered me an internship for the following summer working with their marketing department at the museum. I immediately said yes.

I realized the importance of the connections we have with others, that day. My dad was someone who knew everyone, and this was the second time where that came in handy when it came to a job. He became someone I aspire to be. Someone who could make friends with anyone who walked by and could remember them for the rest of their life. So the question is, who do you know? Do you know anyone who could get you a job or an internship? Making these important connections are not always easy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it.


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